Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes Mellitus , blood sugar ailment or diabetes is a sickness induced via improved tiers of glucose in the blood due to the fact the pancreas organ is unable to produce the hormone insulin according to the body’s wishes to switch blood glucose into cells as an electricity source.

The sorts of diabetes are:

Type 1 diabetes
is recognised as insulin-dependent-diabetes-mellitus or insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. The pancreas solely produces insulin in very small quantities or even can’t produce insulin at all. Sufferers are compelled to use insulin injections from outdoor to alter blood sugar levels. This kind of Diabetes typically influences human beings underneath forty years of age however will be detected at the age of young people or youngsters and influences solely 10% of DM sufferers.

Type 2 Diabetes
Known as Non-Insulin-dependent-Diabetes-Mellitus or Diabetes Millitus which does not depend on insulin injections from outside. The body does not produce enough insulin or because the insulin does not work properly. 90% of total diabetics are included in this type of diabetes, mostly aged over 40 years with excess body weight due to an unhealthy lifestyle.

According to WHO data, Indonesia ranks 4th in the world in the number of people with Diabetes Mellitus with a mortality rate that continues to increase.

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This is because 50 percent of sufferers always realize they have it too late. 30% of the causes come from heredity and 70% comes from lifestyle factors including stress, diet, excess fat and sweet consumption, lack of exercise and obesity.

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Diabetes can also be caused by viruses, bacteria and toxins that damage the pancreas organs including cyanide and alloxan toxins found in food and rodenticides (insect pest killers).

Recognize the Symptoms
Some patients do not experience any symptoms until their blood sugar levels are far above normal limits, but in general the typical symptoms of diabetes are:

Frequent hunger ( Polyphagia ), weakness and drastic weight loss because the body’s cells lack glucose as a source of energy.
Often thirsty ( Polydipsia ) and urinating a lot ( Polyuria ) because the body needs excess fluids to dilute blood containing sugar.
Wounds do not heal, tend to fester, reduced vision (sightedness) and easily drowsy due to blocked blood vessels.buy clomid online buy clomid online no prescription
Easily attacked by skin infections with the characteristics of itching, canker sores or tingling at the nerve endings.
Immediately check your blood sugar levels if you experience one or more of the typical symptoms of diabetes. A positive result is obtained if the examination results:

Fasting blood sugar (8 hours)? 126 mg/dL
Blood sugar during? 200 mg/dL
Blood sugar 2 hours after eating ? 180 mg/dl

Prevent and Control Your Diabetes
Most diabetes drugs are only intended to help lower blood sugar levels, but this decrease should not be too drastic because it can cause a person to become unconscious. So, prioritize diabetes control by improving the work of the pancreas organ that produces insulin accompanied by healthy lifestyle disciplines including maintaining a balanced diet and nutritional consumption, regular light exercise, maintaining ideal body weight and checking blood sugar levels regularly.

The following is a series of products that can prevent and control your blood sugar levels:

The first step in controlling diabetes is to cleanse the blood stream which contains sugar from toxins and free radicals which can worsen the patient’s condition so that the next product can work more optimally.



Use 1 box K-Link Kinotakara routinely for 5 days every night on each sole of the foot and repeat if necessary.

Kinotakara is the latest physiotherapeutic health care product in the world. It reflects the perseverance of Japanese medical exponents to discover ways to help the general public achieve wellness and pursue a healthy lifestyle. Kinotakara provides a natural way for our well being, and with that it gives people an alternative hope to better alleviate diseases and maintain their health.

Kinotakara, when applied to the skin over six hours, the color of the white powder would become wet or turn into a slightly darker substances. This dark-colored substance is the harmful waste from the body. The darker color reflects an unhealthy state of the body. As the harmful waste is excreted from the body, the pain and swellings of the body would be eased. The pain would be relieved when Kinotakara turns lighter in color or becomes less wet.


  • K-Ayurveda AyuBes contains a combination of herbal extracts that specifically help stimulate and maintain the stability of insulin hormone production in controlling blood sugar levels and helping the healing process of diabetic wounds. Take 3 x 2 capsules every day after meals and you should still take doctor’s medicine or insulin if your blood sugar level is very high (gradually the doctor’s medicine and insulin will be reduced or stopped).
  • Stabilizes blood sugar levels
  • Activates the function of the liver and pancreas
  • Helps wound healing and diabetes complications
  • Increase stamina and vitality
  • Lowers cholesterol levels


Health drink K-Liquid Chlorophyll is very good for diabetics to balance the body’s metabolism in producing the hormone insulin and is rich in nutrients to overcome fatigue and maintain stamina. On external wounds, K-Liquid Chlorophyll compresses can help suppress bleeding, reduce swelling and inhibit bacterial growth thereby preventing wound infection in diabetic patients.

Drink 3 x 1 shot of chlorophyll dissolved in water and use K-Liquid Chlorophyll for compresses without diluting it with water.

K-Liquid Chlorophyll is a health drink whose main ingredient comes from Alfalfa leaves ( Medicago sativa ) – “Father of all foods-“. The leaves of this herb are of high nutritional value and with the help of modern extraction processes, the chlorophyll essence is extracted from the Alfalfa leaf.


Use Gamat Extract Emulsion three x 1 shot a day. High protein content material and “Cell Growth Factor” (cell regeneration factor) in gamat, is excellent for diabetics to regenerate pancreatic beta cells that produce insulin and restore broken or decaying cells/tissues of the body.

Gamat additionally incorporates anti-clotting and blood vessel blocking off compounds and helps the velocity of absorption of extra blood glucose into cells/tissues. So barring ingesting Gamat Extract Emulsion three x 1 shot a day, additionally practice Gamat Vitagel to the exterior wounds of diabetes.

Rules for Use
Children: 2 x daily, 1 teaspoon (5 10 ml)
Adults: 2 x daily, 1 tablespoon
Can be taken before or after meals
For healing skin, acne and external wounds together by smearing Gamat Vita Gel

To speed up the healing process of the disease, Gamat Emulsion should be consumed together with OmegaSqua 1-2 items / day and Chlorophyll 3 times a day
Each 1 bottle contains 350 ml

Patients with chronic diabetes (high blood sugar levels over a long period of time) must be careful because blockage of blood vessels can cause complications from other diseases such as hypertension, stroke, coronary heart disease, kidney failure, decay of nerve endings, blindness and impaired fertility.