K-Link Hydrogen Water Generator mini

K-Link Hydrogen
Water Generator mini


Hydrogen-rich water is water that has a high concentration of hydrogen in it. Hydrogen water helps bind free radicals in the form of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) in the body.

Reactive Oxygen is produced naturally in the body which is known to cause aging, chronic diseases, skin problems, etc.

Hydrogen water is the key to neutralizing free radicals such as Reactive Oxygen into healthy water without containing any harm and selectively releasing Reactive Oxygen in the body

“The more wrinkles, the older a person looks.” Collagen in the skin will be damaged by active oxygen which causes wrinkles.

Reactive Oxygen in the body will increase if it is supported by unhealthy eating habits, stress, water and air pollution, drugs, overwork and other causes that will accelerate damage to body cells.

H2 mini produces ‘Hydrogen Rich Water’ to reduce/eliminate Reactive Oxygen in the body

The benefits of Hydrogen Rich Water reduce or eliminate Reactive Oxygen to protect the body from:

  • ​Aging process (slows down wrinkles), skin problems, tumors, diabetes and high blood pressure
  • High Reduction Power * (potential) / antioxidant from the body .
  • Absorbs quickly into the body because hydrogen is in the form of microparticles
  • Has High Reduction ability as an antioxidant
  • Has the same antioxidant ability as 1,032 apples and 1,000ppb of hydrogen-rich water

Drinking 2 liters of Hydrogen Water will have the same antioxidant capabilities as consuming vegetables and fruits every day.

Hydrogen Water Generator Mini is a generator that produces dissolved hydrogen (H2) molecules to produce water that is rich in hydrogen molecules (H2) or what is called hydrogen water.

By consuming hydrogen water, you can safely reduce harmful toxic free radicals in an easy,simple and safe way.