Overcoming Diabetes


Dr. Indra Gunawan is one of the best diabetes experts in the country. He has many patients, not only Indonesian citizens, but also citizens of other countries, such as Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and many others – they all come all the way to Indonesia just to consult with him. He has also published 32 books and scientific journals.
Although Dr. Indra Gunawan rarely accepts requests to be interviewed, but on this occasion, he agreed to answer some of our correspondent’s questions. The following are important tips from Dr Indra Gunawan for dealing with diabetes.

Dr. Indra Gunawan

Areas to discus in this article:

  • Metformin is not the right solution!
  • Can diabetes sufferers recover completely?
  • Why do 95% of diabetes sufferers fail to be cured?
  • Most important things to pay attention to in managing diabetes

Metformin is not the right solution!

“To date, almost all diabetes drugs are metformin-based. In fact, this drug will not cure diabetes sufferers. Metformin only accelerates and worsens diabetes conditions. Metformin is clearly not the right solution for diabetes sufferers. If you suffer from type II diabetes and your doctor prescribes metformin-based drugs, my advice is to immediately look for another doctor who is more professional and trustworthy.

Metformin will only increase insulin levels in the blood until they reach critical levels. With high insulin levels, the blood will become thicker, like thick milk. This condition will cause major damage to body organs, such as the liver, kidneys and other excretory organs. Insulin has a similar consistency and effect to stomach acid. Imagine what would happen if stomach acid filled your internal organs. Your organs will become irritated and damaged!

Increased insulin levels risk triggering cell damage and abnormal cell division, which statistically also leads to the fact that 28% of DIABETES ALSO HAVE CANCER.

Plus, high insulin levels in the blood will also make the blood thicken and move more slowly, which ultimately creates cholesterol plaques which clog blood vessels and make blood pressure soar. So, it is not surprising that 98% of diabetes sufferers also suffer from hypertension and cardiovascular system disorders.

The following are some of the bad effects that occur due to consuming metformin-based drugs

Gastrointestinal disorders (the most common are diarrhea, heartburn, belching, stomach ulcers)
Hypertension – blood pressure spikes especially at night, headaches, blocked ears, excessive anxiety.
Cirrhosis of the liver – the liver becomes connective tissue and stops purifying the blood so the body becomes full of toxins.
Kidney stones due to intensive excretion of salt and blood sugar
Oncological disease
Early death due to damage to blood vessels

Symptoms of complications, of course, can vary greatly, depending on the timing and dosage of the drug, as well as the characteristics of a person’s body. The good news is, THIS COMPLICATION CAN NOW BE PREVENTED AND OVERCOMED!

If the effects are that bad, why is metformin still prescribed?

Unfortunately, many doctors just do their job without really caring whether you can recover completely or not. They will prescribe anything that is commonly available on the market without thinking twice and without trying to find out the root cause of your illness. What is important is that the pain you are complaining about can disappear as soon as possible and they can immediately receive payment for their services. In the world of pharmaceutical chains, metformin-based drugs provide promising benefits and provide quite good temporary effects, this is the reason why metformin is still prescribed.

Such an indifferent attitude will only worsen the condition of diabetes sufferers!

Most patients, of course, will comply with their doctor’s advice, without knowing the consequences if they continue to take this medication. And their doctors don’t feel the need to discuss the long-term effects. I often treat patients who have been taking metformin for several years. They age faster than they should.

Aggressive chemical drugs are not suitable for diabetes sufferers! You can treat type II diabetes in other, much more effective ways! You just need to know the right solution!

Can diabetes sufferers recover completely?

Let me be clear again – type II diabetes is complex, insidious and systemic. Not like the flu or ordinary diarrhea, this disease is much more serious. The effect on the body is very large, so the treatment must also be systemic. Just increasing insulin levels is clearly NOT ENOUGH AND DANGEROUS.

Diabetes treatment must be comprehensive and combine various active substances, which apart from lowering blood sugar levels, are also able to keep the body’s organs healthy and safe.

If we talk about specific products that can overcome diabetes, then I would recommend Glucoactive, which was developed in 2015 by the Indonesian Institute of Endocrinology. Unlike metformin which contains chemicals, Glucoactive contains a number of NATURAL ANTI-DIABETIC COMPLEXES, WITH MORE THAN 60 (!) DIFFERENT ACTIVE COMPONENTS.

This product contains all the vitamins, macro and micro elements that are very important for diabetics. Glucoactive contains 28 herbal extracts from various countries around the world.

Glucoactive is good for diabetes sufferers because it is very safe and able to strengthen the body. But, most importantly, Glucoactive has a positive effect on all organs in the body.

Imagine, 60 active ingredients. There is no other product in the world whose composition is as complete and useful as Glucoactive.

The effectiveness of Glucoactive is truly beyond my expectations! After recommending this product to my patients, the percentage of recovery… more precisely, patients suffering from TOTALLY CURED DIABETES MELLITUS increased to 96%. This also means that about 96 out of 100 people beat their diabetes. Their blood sugar levels are no longer high and they feel much healthier.

An open letter about managing diabetes

I would like to show you a letter from Mrs. Dina Puteri, an elderly citizen from Jakarta. He did not undergo treatment at my clinic (he felt unwell so he had to cancel his appointment with me). I told him over the phone about this Glucoactive. As a result, now he has completely recovered.

“Why do other doctors never prescribe this Glucoactive? I have had diabetes for 18 years. When I was 49 years old, I experienced serious complications with my eyes and kidneys. My kidneys were barely functioning, and my body smelled like acetone. My daughter can’t even stand being in the same room as me. Not to mention my feet and fingertips which were starting to turn black and rot. I feel like I’m dying. The doctor said I don’t have much time anymore.

I asked my daughter to spend more time with me. My life is quite enjoyable and I still don’t want to die. Even when I scream hysterically that I want to die, I don’t really want to die. Your clinic became my last hope. I know you have succeeded in curing many diabetes patients, but I’m still a little doubtful – many say, diabetes cannot be cured, so it’s useless to waste time and money trying to get treatment at your clinic. But after seeing you on TV, I immediately decided to call you.

Thank you very much for the Glucoactive you sent me. For the past 4 months I have been drinking Glucoactive regularly and the doctor said that my blood sugar levels are normal and I myself am aware of this change. This is the first time, after 10 years, that I feel much healthier and can sleep soundly. I am no longer excessively thirsty, urinate frequently, tired and weak. My blood pressure also returned to normal. My eyesight is also gradually improving. I still have to consume this product for about 2 more months, but now I am sure I will be able to recover completely. Thank you very much Glucoactive.”

How effective and efficient is Glucoactive in treating diabetes

Frankly, the process is not fast, but thorough. It takes several months. Maybe about six months.

It cannot be consumed for just a few days or weeks, this product needs several months to improve your health. After regularly taking this product, you don’t need to take any medication anymore, and you can live a healthy and normal life, just like before you had diabetes.

Why do 95% of diabetes sufferers fail to be cured?

Glucoactive can be taken by anyone, including those with weak immune systems.

Glucoactive consumption must be in accordance with the existing instructions. You should take it for 2 weeks in a row, stop taking it for 4-5 days and then repeat these steps. Here’s how Glucoactive works to restore your health.

Not only does it reduce and normalize blood sugar levels, but Glucoactive is also able to dissolve sugar which damages blood vessel walls, thanks to one of its active ingredients – Ginkgo Biloba. The blood vessels recover and become elastic, so they can narrow and expand normally as before. Blood clots dissolve, blood vessels clear and small capillaries recover. As a result, wounds on the body begin to heal more quickly and there are no more annoying feelings of fatigue, drowsiness and high blood pressure. You will also feel more energetic and enthusiastic about activities.

Not working by increasing insulin levels, Glucoactive is very safe and has tremendous positive effects – namely, reducing insulin resistance. The active ingredient Glucoactive is able to penetrate muscle, fat and liver cells, and stimulate them in such a way that they begin to respond better to the presence of hormones in the bloodstream. In medicine, this process is called “secondary cell education.” The effect is that, over time, the body’s cells begin to actively consume glucose and convert it into energy, which also leads to a decrease in glucose concentration in the blood. This is the safest way for the body to utilize glucose.

Diabetics will start to feel better throughout the day, even after eating. No more thirst and excessive frequency of urination, swelling, rash or itching on the genitals.

Meanwhile, for physical indicators: the level of glucosylated hemoglobin, the concentration of blood sugar and acetone in the urine decreased.

Being overweight will worsen the condition of diabetes sufferers up to 4-5 times. This is why Glucoactive also has a weight loss effect on the body. This effect occurs for two reasons. First, body cells begin to actively convert blood sugar into energy. And secondly, Glucoactive contains tribulus extract which is also a powerful natural fat burner.

By losing 10 kg of body weight, the risk of dangerous diabetes complications is reduced by 50%.

Diabetics often also suffer from impotence. Amazingly, Glucoactive is also able to normalize testosterone levels and restore potency. Even at the age of 50, 60 years, men can still recover their ability to have sex.

Even badly damaged skin can still be restored. No more boils, festering skin and dry skin. The same is true for bone structure. No more shedding. All tissues heal, and muscles become elastic.

Most important things to pay attention to in managing diabetes

Diabetics are totally healthy!
Glucoactive is able to restore internal organs and improve overall body health, from restoring blood vessels to restoring vision and joints.

Wake up feeling refreshed

Wake up feeling refreshed—no more feeling heavy and lazy, no more squeezing and rubbing your feet, or relaxing your stiff back and neck. You will feel more energized and excited.

Health and mood are much better

You can sleep soundly and no longer urinate frequently at night. No more annoying pain or itching.

Eat better and more deliciously

Your diet will change significantly. You no longer need to go on a strict diet. You can go back to enjoying your favorite food. No more low carb diets!

Physically becomes stronger

You no longer need to worry about the condition of your feet when you go out of the house. Walking no longer feels tiring, and you can walk or even jog all day without fear of your feet swelling. Sandals, shoes and socks will also not feel cramped and torturous.

Quiet and peaceful

You will really feel calm and peaceful. No more pain that interferes with your focus when you are busy doing something. No more pain, unpleasant odors, and annoying ringing in the ears.

Vision recovered

Even severely damaged vision will begin to recover gradually. Everything that seemed blurry at first will become clearer. You can again see the car plate number from a distance and admire the natural beauty.

And most importantly, you can live longer! Even if you are elderly, you will still feel healthier and have active energy. You no longer need to ask relatives or other people to take care of you. You can look after and care for yourself now.

Due to the pharmacy mafia, this product is not available in Indonesian pharmacies!

As far as we know, Glucoactive is very difficult to find in pharmacies. This product is not sold freely on the market. Is this true? What advice can you give to people with diabetes in Indonesia?

  • Of course. It is not profitable for pharmacies to sell cheap medicines that effectively help diabetes sufferers. In addition, Glucoactive is produced in limited quantities. Most of them are sold abroad, while the rest are purchased by private clinics.

But there is good news for your readers. I have discussed this with my colleagues, and we decided to offer some of the Glucoactive packages we have purchased to your readers at the lowest possible prices. We will send this Glucoactive directly to their address via post. Wherever they are in Indonesia.

Here’s how to get Glucoactive.

You must:

Glucoactive IS FOR PERSONAL CONSUMPTION ONLY. I respectfully ask buyers not to resell Glucoactive at very high prices. Taking advantage of sick people is inhumane! Glucoactive will be sent in a certain amount to only ONE person (or two people – if there are several diabetics in one family)
Maximize this opportunity before it runs out!

Unfortunately, we do not have Glucoactive in large quantities to help all diabetes sufferers in Indonesia. Therefore, we decided to provide this Glucoactive only to those who ordered through this website.