The Effects of Blood Sugar

The presence of diabetes contributes a 2- to 4-fold increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Needless to say, extra blood sugar is surprisingly toxic. But greater than ordinary blood sugar turns into poisonous lengthy earlier than it reaches diabetic and even prediabetic levels!3 The longer your blood sugar is elevated, the extra time it has to inflict enormous injury to your cells and tissues.

The significance of maintaining your blood sugar underneath manipulate can’t be overemphasized. Besides diabetes and coronary heart disease, cancer4,5 and Alzheimer’s disease6 are likewise linked to chronically excessive blood sugar. That relatively a lot covers each and every primary killer ailment of our present day world!

With our carb-centric American diet, it’s no effortless venture to preserve a tight grip on your blood sugar levels. Consider that a outstanding country wide fitness and vitamin survey decided that 13 percentage of the populace (or roughly forty three million people) consumes delivered sugars in an quantity increased than 25% of their every day calories!7

Fortunately, there’s an handy way to snuff out these over-powering carb cravings and get your blood sugar below control…

Chromium: The Natural Insulin-Sensitizer
Chromium is an crucial mineral that we require for the metabolism of protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Chromium works to preserve your blood sugar tiers in check!

Although its actual mechanism of motion is uncertain, research point out that chromium acts as an insulin sensitizer. Basically, chromium improves insulin sensitivity by way of facilitating the binding of insulin to its receptors (“insulin docking stations”), which are current on the floor of almost all cellphone membranes. This greater affinity of insulin for its receptors amplifies its signaling motion to take away extra glucose from the bloodstream for uptake by using the body’s cells.8,9 Thus, as an insulin sensitizing agent, chromium helps reverse insulin resistance.

Chromium Lowers Risk Of Diabetes And Cardiovascular Disease
When chromium is in brief supply, blood glucose can emerge as chronically increased (hyperglycemia). As your physique floods itself with insulin to assist stability blood sugar levels, chronically accelerated insulin (hyperinsulinemia) leads to insulin resistance. This is a scenario the place the physique stops responding to insulin, so greater and extra is wished to sign to your cells to take up sugar and convert it to energy.

Insulin resistance in flip in addition promotes hyperinsulinemia, and a vicious cycle ensues10-12 Insulin resistance is a hallmark of diabetes and a massive hazard aspect for cardiovascular disease.13

Diets poor in chromium as properly as low tiers of plasma chromium are related with kind two diabetes and cardiovascular disease.9,11,14-16 Low chromium concentrations in toenails (an indicator of long-term intake) will increase the threat of coronary heart assault in men.15

While a lack of chromium makes you greater inclined to diabetes and coronary heart disease, supplementation with chromium helps to forestall and enhance these conditions. In an evaluation of U.S. adults who fed on dietary supplements, these people who in many instances supplemented with chromium had notably decrease odds of having diabetes.17 Evidence from a systematic assessment of 22 research suggests that chromium supplementation might also decrease common blood glucose and triglycerides whilst growing HDL ldl cholesterol in human beings with kind two diabetes.18

Bonus: Chromium Curbs Carb Cravings And Burns Body Fat
Beyond its astonishing advantages in disorder prevention, chromium comes with some first-rate bonus effects: it helps battle carb cravings and extra physique fat.

Carbohydrate and sugar craving is a structure of dependancy mediated by way of the opioid device and related emotions of pleasure. In fact, sugar-bingeing rats – however now not fat-bingeing rats – exhibited opiate-like withdrawal signs when given a drug that blocks opioid receptors.19,20

For many years, integrative doctors have been assisting their sufferers manipulate sugar cravings with chromium supplements.

So how precisely does chromium assist you curb these power carb cravings?

You guessed it….Excess insulin triggers carbohydrate cravings too!12 Higher circulating insulin ensuing from low tiers of chromium purpose blood sugar to drop too low, using the urge for sugars and starches. Even insulin itself, unbiased of blood glucose levels, stimulates hunger.21 Not surprisingly, experimental suppression of insulin secretion appreciably diminished carbohydrate cravings in overweight adults.22

Scientific proof demonstrates that chromium supplementation is a secure and superb way to assist manipulate carbohydrate and sugar cravings. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled medical trial, grownup topics who acquired a every day complement of six hundred mcg of chromium for eight weeks confirmed great enhancements in carbohydrate cravings and urge for food regulation.23

Similarly, when in contrast to a placebo group, obese girls with carbohydrate cravings who took 1,000 mcg of chromium day by day for eight weeks mentioned decreased meals consumption and starvation levels.24 Chromium is additionally fantastic for decreasing binge eating.25

As for physique fat…

Since chromium helps insulin to feature greater efficiently, much less of the hormone is wished and serum ranges decrease. While excessive insulin degrees choose fats storage, low insulin permits fats burning. Successful long-term weight loss strongly correlates with improved insulin sensitivity.26 Current proof shows that chromium supplementation is related with vast discount rates in physique fats share in overweight/obese individuals.27

The Critical Need For Chromium Supplements
Although chromium is determined in a terrific range of meals (e.g., meats, total grains, broccoli, grape juice) and is wanted in solely hint amounts, many humans nevertheless do now not get sufficient chromium. This may additionally be due to terrible chromium absorption (0.4% – 2.5%) and considerably reduced content material of the mineral in ingredients ensuing from agriculture and meals processing. Furthermore, immoderate sugar, as nicely as exercise, stress, and advancing age, enlarge chromium losses in the urine.28

Adults in the U.S. take in an common of solely 31 to forty two mcg of chromium per day from food.28 In contrast, most medical research demonstrating the fitness advantages and protection of chromium use dietary supplements that include two hundred to four hundred mcg.

When you think about its necessary health benefits, sizeable deficiency, and negative bioavailability, chromium must sincerely be blanketed in everyone’s arsenal of supplements.

While a range of chromium merchandise are commercially available, one special and superior method has vital blessings over the rest…

Crominex 3+ – A Cutting-Edge Chromium Complex
Crominex 3+ is a synergistic components that blends a bioactive shape of chromium with two standardized natural extracts: amla (or Indian gooseberry) and shilajit (a sticky natural substance located in particular on rocks excessive up in the Himalayan mountains). Since chromium is fantastically reactive and prone to oxidation into a poisonous form, the addition of these two natural extracts with shielding antioxidant houses helps to stabilize chromium, as nicely as beautify its effects.29

[Note: The “3+” refers to trivalent chromium – the biologically energetic shape of chromium located in food].

Amla extracts, derived from the fruit of the Emblica officinalis plant, are effective antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents.30 Like chromium, amla possesses antidiabetic activity. By blocking off the motion of a variety of digestive enzymes that convert starch to sugar in the gut, amla extract helps to stop spikes in blood sugar following meals. Amla additionally protects cells and tissues towards glycation – the bonding of sugars to proteins and fat ensuing in the formation of poisonous compounds that harm cells and tissues at some stage in the body.31

Shilajit is a mineral-rich, gummy substance discovered on the whole amongst the layers of rocks in the Himalayas. It has been used for lots of years in Ayurvedic remedy as a effective tonic and herbal treatment for a number illnesses together with diabetes.32 Through its antioxidant activity, shilajit has been proven to decrease drug-induced hyperglycemia in rats.32 It additionally enhances the environment friendly metabolism of blood sugar in the mitochondria (“energy factories”) of the cell.33

Placebo-controlled medical trials in sufferers with kind two diabetes29,34,35 and metabolic36 syndrome supply proof of the efficacy of Crominex 3+. In one of the trials, therapy with four hundred mcg of Crominex 3+ for 12 weeks helped decrease hemoglobin A1c 111% higher than placebo in kind two diabetic patients.34 In a separate study, kind two diabetic sufferers who took Crominex 3+ as an adjunct remedy alongside with traditional antidiabetic tablets skilled a 51% higher discount in A1c than sufferers who have been dealt with with the drug only.29

Importantly, four hundred mcg of Crominex 3+ for three months was once greater high quality in enhancing quite a few fitness biomarkers in kind two diabetics than different types of chromium along with chromium picolinate, chromium polynicotinate, and chromium dinicocysteinate, as nicely as the mixture of alma and shilajit extracts (the two different aspects in Crominex 3+). These enhancements in fitness biomarkers included:

  • Reduction in hemoglobin A1c (reflects common blood sugar over 2-3 months)
  • Increase in nitric oxide (promotes circulation)
  • Reduction in C-reactive protein (marker of inflammation)
  • Improvement in endothelial characteristic (marker of vascular health)[MK1]
  • Reduction in oxidative stress (excess free radicals)
  • Increase in glutathione (critical antioxidant)
  • Also noteworthy, the effects from the remedy with Crominex 3+ have been tons extra considerable than the sum of the consequences from the person aspects of Crominex 3+.35 This discovering substantiates the great synergistic pastime of Crominex 3+.

This special and effective synergy of chromium with amla and shilajit allows Crominex 3+ to optimize blood sugar manipulate and its favorable results on diabetes, cardiovascular disease, carbohydrate cravings, and physique composition.

Complementary Compounds For Blood Sugar Control
Many vitamins and herbs work greater efficiently as dietary supplements when teamed up with different herbal compounds with comparable properties. Different vitamins make use of specific mechanisms to gain the identical outcomes. In addition, some humans may also reply higher to a specific nutrient and much less favorably to others. Lastly, a decrease dose of every person nutrient may additionally be wished to obtain the identical impact that would be completed with a greater dose when used alone.

Berberine, Gymnema sylvestre extract, and alpha-lipoic acid are herbal compounds that might also be used to complement the blood sugar controlling advantages of chromium.

Berberine is an alkaloid compound derived from the historical Chinese herb, Coptis chinensis Franch, which has been used as a herbal treatment for diabetes for heaps of years.37 In a find out about in kind two diabetics, berberine’s impact on decreasing blood sugar was once comparable to that of metformin – the first desire medicinal drug for the remedy of kind two diabetes.37 Berberine is additionally high quality at reducing triglycerides, LDL cholesterol, and complete cholesterol in diabetic patients.37,38

Like berberine, extracts of the Gymnema sylvestre plant have been used to deal with diabetes for centuries.39 Research indicates that remedy of kind 239,40 and even kind 141 diabetics with Gymnema sylvestre effects in extensive savings in blood glucose and expanded plasma insulin levels. These results caused by using Gymnema might also in phase be attributed to regeneration of insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas. Five of 22 diabetic sufferers in one learn about have been capable to come off their drug remedies and hold manage of blood sugar with Gymnema alone.40

Alpha lipoic acid is a naturally happening compound and strong antioxidant. In diabetes, it enhances glucose uptake and will increase insulin sensitivity.42,43 In one study, supplementation with four hundred mg/day of alpha-lipoic acid for 4 weeks notably decreased a marker of oxidative stress and extended HDL ldl cholesterol levels.44 Alpha-lipoic acid may also additionally gradual the improvement of free radical-induced diabetic complications, specially peripheral neuropathy.45

Chronically extended blood sugar is related with unfavourable fitness consequences. While excessive blood sugar is attribute of diabetes, it additionally in all likelihood performs a position in cardiovascular disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Chromium is an necessary hint mineral that enhances the moves of insulin in controlling blood sugar levels. However, suboptimal dietary consumption of chromium is frequent and high-sugar diets promote loss of chromium in the urine. Studies have proven that chromium supplementation is recommended in the prevention and cure of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Chromium is additionally demonstrated to shrink carbohydrate and sugar cravings, and assist burn physique fat.

Crominex 3+ is a top of the line synergistic combination of chromium and two antioxidant natural extracts that assist to beautify and stabilize the chromium. Crominex 3+ used to be clinically examined to be extra wonderful than different types of chromium inclusive of chromium picolinate and chromium polynicotinate.

Furthermore, the larger efficacy of Crominex 3+ can be given an extra synergistic enhance by means of teaming it with different powerful blood sugar controlling compounds such as berberine, Gymnema sylvestre, and alpha-lipoic acid. So don’t wait till your blood sugar receives out of control. Be proactive and capitalize on the fantastic advantages of Crominex 3+.

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